Office Recipe: Smoothie

I have been working in an office setting for about 5 years now. Most of this time was spent on internships while I was working on my undergrad. One of the first things I noticed about working at an office was how hard it is to eat something that won’t shorten your life. I love unhealthy foods. I could live off cheeseburgers and pasta. None the less, eating these things for lunch at an office slows me down. I have no energy to work.

The common “healthy idea” for a meal around the offices I have worked in are frozen meals such as lean cuisine. These things taste terrible and are more science the food.

Since this is a common problem around the office I have spent time coming up with healthy breakfast and lunch ideas that work in an office setting.

Equipment: Blender
Optional Equipment:

My total cost on equipment was $21. I got a cheap $16 blender that also serves as a cup. I leave it at the office and use it everyday. The juicer is a $5 manual juicer that I also leave at the office.

Fresh Fruit
Frozen Fruit

Note: Use what you like.

My Smoothie:
1 Orange
Frozen Blueberries and Strawberries
Vanilla Yogurt
Green Superfood Vitamins (it’s a powder)
3 Ice cups


I start by juicing the orange. I then take the juice and pour it into the blender. I then combine the remaining fruit, yogurt, vitamins, and ice. Turn on the blender until smoothie. Enjoy.


A smoothie is great for work because it has the vitamins and minerals to keep you going throughout the workday. You can use any fruit and base you like. I use frozen fruit because they retain their nutrients longer and I have found it is the only way to get the same texture out of the smoothie that you would find at a Jamba Juice or Tropical Smoothie. They make you think the secret to the texture is the fancy blender but it’s really the frozen fruit.



One response to “Office Recipe: Smoothie

  1. I love the personal stories you attach to these stories! I def know how hard it is to not shorten your life while working in the office, those darn pop and candy vending machines… Thanks for the post!

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